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Support to I.E. Primary School, Community of Racchi Cusco - Peru "The stars of Mother Earth"

Since 2014, WTS acquired a social commitment with the community of Racchi in Cusco. The objective is improving the quality of education through the implementation of pedagogical modules directed to 94 children between 6 and 12 years old.

"The projects consist of improving the infrastructure and adding new spaces for the comfort of the students, promoting creativity focusing on their culture and environment."

Fulfilled projects: Reconstruction of Library and Greenhouse, Implementation of Classroom for Textile and Tooling Audiovisuals, reconstruction of networks of water pipes, roofs, doors and windows, greenhouse conditioning and textile classroom and implementation of Pedagogical Park.


Manchay "Ayllu Ruwasunchis "

Since 2016, Ayllu is a social company dedicated to the elaboration of high quality hand-woven accessories, which generate a positive impact on society through the ethical and sustainable fashion concept.

" We work directly with women weavers of Manchay, looking for that they improve their condition of life in an emotional and economic way."

The alliance has allowed 30 female weavers in Manchay to make a significant change in their lives by improving their socio-emotional skills through workshops on the road to being autonomous and empowered women; Also increasing their economic income through the fabric and fair payment for their work, products that are marketed by Ayllu Wuwasunchis respecting ethical and sustainable fashion.