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Our highly trained design team specializes in trend analysis, market research, textiles, design and merchandising. Our designers are able to take clients from inspiration through prototypes and final samples. We work hand in hand with our clients to merchandise and curate collections; from basics to more advanced styles using the latest developments in design trends, washes, styling, finishes and trims.


Our textile experts work closely with the designers while researching new materials, yarns, fiber blends, knitting techniques and special finishes. The team is continuously discovering and testing the latest developments from all over the world, improving current fabrics and creating new ones to achieve client requirements in terms of costs, quality standards and appearance.

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Our Product Development department is an experienced team that supervises and approves all stages of the pre-production process; from prototypes, fit samples, sales samples through top of production. We analyze in detail the construction of original samples or the tech packs sent by our clients, the preparation of the technical sheets, and creation of the molds. The experience gained through interaction with different types of customers, allows us to provide highly qualified support to all our suppliers.


Our expert team in customer service is responsible for meeting the production requirements and sales opportunities of customers. This is a vital part of the WTS value chain. Each representative is responsible for processing of production orders, delivering sales samples, reviewing developments and following up through delivery; timely executing each stage with transparency, responsibility and a business vision.

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We have a textile quality laboratory managed by a team of certified AATCC technicians. We analyze and thoroughly test colors, fabrics and garments and product at all stages of the production process. By implementing the AATCC and ASTM standards for our tests, it allows us to have an efficient control over the quality of each of the dyeing lots that will be used in the production, and delivering a consistent color and quality for our clients.


WTS provides support to its clients in all its areas, specifically by monitoring and taking control of production

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Quality Control System

WTS has a system of implementing the highest quality control standards from the textile development stage all the way through delivery of the finished product. We work closely with our suppliers process by monitoring all touch points during production to meet and exceed customer expectations. We also incorporate a social compliance assessment, in which all suppliers must comply with to ensure that they are within the social and industrial safety regulations in all facilities of each of the factories. Physical resources are composed of 15 professionals who constantly monitor the entire process.


Presently operating 3 warehouse facilities in South Florida with a total capacity of 65,000 Sq Feet. Our distribution platform in USA is TSA and CTPAT certified. We have vast experience in assisting our customers in handling international supply chains that are efficient and capable of servicing the entire fulfillment process from the door of the manufacturer to the door of the final destination whether it be a distribution center, retail store or even the end consumer.

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